About us

Much more than just a company

4K was born (like the most beautiful things in life) from a friendship. It was 2019 when we accidentally met in a garage with the excuse of buying some used components for our LC8s. A good beer then acted as a binder and we started talking about life experiences and fantasies about future projects. We thought: “Why not?” After two years of preparation we have opened 4K Parti Speciali S.R.L.! 

The sacrifices and the initial investment were quickly reflected by the feedback from our customers, we quickly realized that we were not limiting ourselves only to selling products but rather to creating relationships of friendship and trust, treating the customer as if he were one of us. and not as a simple economic transaction. 

Thanks to this natural approach to us, having been ourselves in the shoes of customers in the past years, we have surrounded ourselves with enthusiasts and pilots with whom we collaborate to test our creations, always accepting any feedback we receive (even at the cost of heavily revising the initial project). Everything you see in our catalog is made by us and by these important people, united by the common passion for motorcycles and races!

Massimo Domenighini (Max)


The bikes … I have loved and desired them since I was a child, I remember very well the moment when I was “electrocuted”! Then the years of the Dakar to dream of incredible adventures in the desert and the advent of the Ktm 950 Adventure: The Motorcycle, another lightning bolt! I wished with all of myself to be able to do, one day, what we do in 4K, until I met my Friends / Partners and this wonderful adventure began in which we put all our energy and our infinite passion.

Marco Faliva


My philosophy is one: open gas and always push! I grew up in the world of motocross and enduro and the 4K Parti Speciali project allows me to experience this passion in an even more complete way! I also bring to the company my twenty years of experience in the field of sales in international markets

Claudio Sponchia (Spike)


Since 2010 I have been involved in mechanical design / R&D and I have had the opportunity to work for a multitude of companies. When we talked about 4K Parti Speciali for the first time with Max and Marco over a beer, I realized that I could combine my experience with my greatest passion, the world of motorcycles! All the enthusiasm and energy I dedicate to the project can be found in the products we make!

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