heavy duty stand Enduro Maxienduro 4k


heavy duty stand Enduro Maxienduro 4k

With its sturdy structure and thanks to an easy and effortless lifting it can be used by anyone, usable with enduro bikes up to 250 kg

90,00 +TAX


Available in 2 sizes (measure the ground clearance of your bike):

Low version:

  • Closed height: 24cm
  • Open height: 35cm
  • carrying capacity 250kg

High version:

  • Closed height: 27cm
  • Open height: 39cm
  • carrying capacity 250kg

Professional racing stand, robust and practical. Made to last over time, practically indestructible.

Designed for any motorcyclist, with this stand it is possible to raise and lower the motorcycle with the use of one foot while keeping the hands on the handlebars; a person weighing 50/60 kg can safely lift a motorcycle up to 120/130 kg.

In the lift stand, thanks to the special rings positioned on the edge, the straps can be used to stop the footrests, so as to be able to put the motorcycle on the van without weighing on the shock absorbers, lifting both wheels and tying the motorcycle between the footrest and the lift.



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Down 24cm –> Up 35cm, Down 27cm –> Up 39cm

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