supporto navigazione v1 4k - 4K Parti Speciali



Our navigation support is ideal for keeping your smartphone or GPS navigator in sight without changing the look of the bike!

In aeronautical aluminum machined from solid by CNC machining, it can be installed on any clamp for 28 mm handlebars, or fixed directly to the handlebar itself thanks to the threaded U-bolt supplied (in this case it will therefore be possible to adjust the angle of the support as desired) .

The real carbon fiber tube with 2 mm walls offers absolute strength and great lightness, allows you to attach most of the phone holders on the market and is perfect to accommodate the 4K accessories for Rugged Phone / Navigators or the roadbook holder plate available as optional.
Testati in gara e approvati dai piloti che partecipano ai campionati Motorally!

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